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Growing up on the Westside of Greenwood, Ken didn’t see and recognize healthy, successful marriages, and families.  It didn’t stop him from believing it was possible for him and his family. With prayer and faith, he pursued what he believed to be the Lord’s prompting “be a father to your children”. This also led him to propose and marry his wife, Demetria. They both knew and agreed that they were called to serve God and be a blessing to others. In 2011, Ken was ordained as a minister. He had the opportunity to help build homes as part of a mission trip to Nicaragua, teach in prisons, and be part of a mentoring program for years. Ken has dedicated the majority of his adult life to be to others the very thing he needed. 

Dee’s love for community outreach started 20 years ago when she befriended a young lady in Nicaragua while on a mission’s trip.  She fell in love with the country, the culture, and the people.  Being able to help those less fortunate, volunteering in orphanages, street ministry, and spending time with locals sparked an interest in Dee to continue this journey of giving back to the community. 

We are the founders of A Grace to Grow Ministry. Ken and Demetria Lindsey, the family that understands failures are a part of life and those same failures will be used to make up the beautiful textures and fabrics of our destiny…….


Ken and Dee Lindsey have been married for 23 years and have 4 children: Kenkaylia, Kendrick, Kyerra, and Kendric. They are also grandparents to three grandchildren. Throughout their journey, they encountered many life challenges within their marriage; not because they didn’t love each other. They just didn’t know what it took to have a healthy thriving marriage built on love. The obstacles they had to overcome in their marriage and the lack of relatable individuals to help them during their development is what prompted them to start A Grace to Grow Ministry in 2020.  Their desire is to see individuals, marriages, and the family unit developed and healed in the following areas: Faith, Family, Fitness (Self Development), Finances and Future (Vision).  


Ken and Dee have served in ministry for 20+ years as mentors, Creative Arts leaders, Elders, and leaders over the Marriage and Family Ministry in the local church. With Ken’s passion to minister to people, coupled with Dee’s love for social interaction, they’ve hosted numerous events in their home to connect couples, provide a peaceful environment, and just love on people regardless of where they are in life’s journey. 

If you know them, they love playing games. Whether it’s playing volleyball, board games, or a good ‘ole scavenger hunt, they enjoy spending time with others. They are known to many as Uncle and Auntie because when you cross over the threshold of the Lindsey’s home, you are family. 

Most of their training has come through life experiences; their triumphs & pains.  Through healing, understanding their differences, their faith in God, and their love for each other, they have overcome many of life’s obstacles in their journey. Ken and Dee truly believe in being transparent with their successes and failures so that others can avoid the mistakes they’ve made and see how good God truly is! Their motto is to always walk at a pace for grace; take your time, enjoy life, and give each other grace to grow. 

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