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Age Requirement:


Three Sessions


Session Duration:

60 minutes each session


In Person or Zoom*

One-time $100 donation - manual included

Commitment Fee:

*Due to Covid, sessions will be offered via Zoom

for the remainder of 2021.

Financial stewardship is not an everyday life topic but it should be.  Money is power and understanding how to use it is key to a successful lifestyle. If you learn how to manage $10, you will know how to manage $10,000 and so forth.


Get in front of your money and tell it where to go instead of allowing it to tell you where to spend it. Getting your finances in order will allow you to accomplish goals; one step at a time. 

Sessions will cover planning for the future, budgets, savings, spending and credit. The main focus is to understand how to plan for the future by creating a blueprint today.

How well do you handle money?

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